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MeriMesh Design Studio

Learn how to create beautiful centerpieces in a private Facebook Setting.


Learn how to take your DREAMS ONLINE with a six week business coaching course specialized to deliver the skills you need to be visible and successful on social media.

Greenery Selection Course

Learn how to select the perfect greenery palette with my proven hand method to greenery selection course.

What else we provide?

MeriMesh Designs Facebook Community

Learn floral design, be inspired, talk business, and make new friends from around the world. #bloomwithliz

Become a Social Influencer

Learn the skills and platform integration to monetize your dream.

Monthly MeriMesh Designs Kit Parties

Come hang out with us the last Saturday of every month on Facebook Live for our amazing kit party celebration. Giveaways and goodtimes are always part of this special evening event!

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Learn to Create Centerpieces?

Take your Business Online?

Solve your Centerpiece Shipping Problem!

What our clients say

FAST TRACK with Liz has been a blessing for me and my business! She is very informative and takes you step by step each week on each new subject! I've met a few of the ladies through this that I feel like I can still message and chat with and we can help each other grow. I looked forward to each new set of course work to come out. I feel like I'm getting to another level with her help and can't wait to grow even more!  

Lindsey Alford Hayes
Julie Lane Designs

I am thrilled I took the Fast Track with Liz coaching course.  Since then, my business has begun to BLOOM! i learned so many things that helped me and was able to utilize to strengthen and further my business!
Liz is a phenomenal teacher with a genuine spirit! I am extremely grateful to Liz for all she has taught us, for her time she has taken to teach us, for her hard work and dedication,and for encouraging and motivating us to BLOOM!!!
I highly recommend her and the courses she offers! It is greatly appreciated! Thank you Liz!

Michelle Padillo
Fleurish by Michelle

This course has changed my life. Liz is an outstanding and caring lady. She has shared and taught me so much. She's the reason I went live and my following just keeps getting bigger each time i go live. This course is worth the investment if you truly want to grow your business. Liz is here to help you!

Shelly Shaw Green
Memaw & Papa's Creations

Liz does great with the FAST TRACK course. If you are having trouble with social media she goes the right speed to teach you. She is one great coach!

Linda Hefner
HH Wonder Creations

So thankful to have found you! It's not just your talent...you have a beautiful heart and soul...truly a God send!

Silvia Boudreaux
Wreath by Silvia

I can't even begin to tell you what a difference Liz has made in my life. Liz has been by my side the entire time encouraging me and telling me I can do it! She has told me to go live more times than I care to mention. Lol Now I go live all the time and just hit a 1000 likes!!! I can't thank Liz enough for for listening to Gods calling on her life. I have learned so much from her coaching group and am so thankful she is good at figuring stuff out all on her own and then showing us how to do it! 

Teresa Johnson
Through the Tulips Designs

Liz offers a very informative, clear and concise approach to learning the basics to improve your online business. Liz is extremely easy to understand, talented, and patient in her approach. i highly recommend her very affordable 6 week course!

Robin Senft
Salty Soul Designs

Since joining Liz's group, I have learned so much in so little time.  Liz takes you by the hand and teaches you the things required to be successful online.  This was the best investment I made for my business! Thanks Liz for sharing your knowledge!

Nancy Wright-Draper
JISA Creatons

I thought you had come from a teaching back ground! Your teaching approach is awesome! Looking forward to this new adventure!

Cynthia Allen
Moonbeam Craft Designs

I can't thank you enough even for the little things you do to help us get our pages out there in cyber world, and answering questions privately!! It means a lot lady!! I look forward to continuing onward and upward with you!!

Elizabeth Robinson
LuLu's Imaginations

I have to give a HUGE shout out and thank you to Liz and all the people in the group. The kind words and encouragement means the world to me. In the past two weeks I've sold 4 wreaths and was asked to do a custom order of a matching wreath and 2 swags. This may not mean much to some but to me it's huge! Considering that I was completely foreign to the concept of wreath making and selling on Etsy until December 2017, I think it's amazing

Kindra Eickelman
Whimsey Way Decor & More

I would not have been able to create these beauties without you! So thankful I found you! It's not just your talent... You have a beautiful heart and soul...Truly a God send!

Silvia Boudreaux
Wreaths by Silvia

I have had the pleasure of joining Liz's Fast Tract with Liz 6 week course. It was most informative and easy to follow. Liz is a great speaker and I enjoyed the weekly lives. She answers questions and gives you the motivation to pursue your dreams. I love that the course is available for you to save and view at any time. Thank you Liz for helping me with the basics to getting my wreath business going in the right direction. 

Janet Herrera
Jubeez Wreathz

Who we serve

I’m here for you! The underdog! The gal who has the courage to TRY SOMETHING NEW but lacks the knowledge, skills, or resourcefulness required to do the next BIG THING!!!!

I believe in you and want to share my savvy entrepreneurial skills that helped build my own business and enabled me to leave my full time 9-5 to ROCK A BUSINESS I LOVE!

Think you can’t do it? No way girlfriend!!!! I’ll teach you how to dig deep and be resourceful even when you have financial obstacles in your way!

Remember, “There’s NOTHING YOU CAN’T DO!!!”

  • Building a Business without extra income
  • Building a Social Following without home based internet
  • Going live without fancy equipment


how i built my business with no money, & a GAMEPLAN

I know what you’re thinking! I have NO MONEY, NO RESOURCES, and NO HELP so my DREAM of building an online business is NOT AN OPTION for me!!!!

No way Girlfriend, I did it and that means you can do it too!!! You just have to DIG DEEP! You invent the way!!! The path is not there – You make it!!!

I’m sharing my story of how I started my business as a professional financial hot mess and in a year and half accumulated small wins until I had my first launch earning over $6,800 in just a few hours going LIVE!

That’s right a small town WV gal rocking it out online barefoot in her living room with a cell phone, a taped up tripod, and a DREAM!! 

You have no clue but I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!! I’m rooting for you!!!! I LOVE a good UNDERDOG!!!!!

I now have a world stage that I worked hard to build and want to share my talents and SHOW YOU there is a way! Girlfriend, there really is a better way to live!!!

TRY SOMETHING NEW!! Find your Passion, and LIVE With Purpose!!

Let’s do this!!!

It’s Time to Bloom!!!

Follow My Designing Journey

My FIRST Wreath

WE all have that first something that gives us hope that we can make something beautiful with our hands!

Well, this is the wreath that launched a Business of my DREAMS!!

I had no prior designing qualifications, no talent, no crafting skills, and decided one evening in a bubble bath I was going to rise up out of my financial ruin and learn how to make a wreath and then donate it to my sons football team! In turn, maybe I would get better at my new found crafting adventure and I could make a BUSINESS out of my DREAM!! Well, fast forward a few years and VOILA !! Now I'm making and creating beautiful wreaths and centerpieces on a world stage through the MeriMesh Designs Facebook Platform inspiring others to follow their DREAMS and Live in PURPOSE!!!


You are that one first something away from changing your life! You made the choice today!!! TRY NEW THINGS!! Try a million things until unlock that one mystery God has been waiting on you to find!!!

What's your first something???

Latest news

The Fast Track with Liz 6 Week Course is fabulous! She is so great to answer questions and comments back to your posts. The training modules she does are great. You can see everything that she does, and goes step-by-step with you. She doesn't rush over anything and if you need more help she is there to give it to you. The price is wonderful, especially for all the information you get. Five full stars for this gal!
Lisa Stewart
Create Like a Girl