My Story

Hi I’m Liz Harbert. I’m a mother, creative entrepreneur, passionate business owner and motivational guru who discovered my calling through floral design.  It’s now my mission to help others unlock their talents to live in God’s purpose! That’s right! I found my gift from God and use that very talent to help and serve others by encouraging women and aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and live in purpose!

Now, we all don’t stumble on these gifts like I did one evening in the bathtub about two years ago. You know that moment of complete desperation when you decide you are either going to rise to the challenge of creating a more positive financially stable lifestyle or succumb to the huge stack of unpaid bills, mounting debt, and unstructured complete chaos that your life has been spiraling toward.

Well, now you know the path I chose to take two years ago! I chose to BLOOM! Which brings me here to you today! Now it’s my mission to help you discover those very things that hold you back from attaining the very life God intended you to live! You know that ability to life full of passion and purpose that can be the catalyst to leaving that pesky 9-5 like I did this past summer, or adding extra income to help support your family, taking that vacation that was always out of reach, or maybe just feeling good knowing you’re living the bloom lifestyle mentality and just want a little extra out of life and the ability to always grow and have the courage to try new things!

At the very core of my business, self, and heart of my purpose is this: TRY SOMETHNG NEW! My goal is to help you master that art and ability to try something new! Maybe for a moment, a minute or a lifetime because I know what the power of the try something new mentality can do for you and for countless others when you are able to align your passion with purpose! My new friend we’ve got this! It’s time to come up with a plan! It’s time to put structure back in your life by finding your God given talent and purpose! It’s time to BLOOM! I’ll catch ya on the other side!

My Reasons Why

Braxton, Luke, Jacob, and Meredith are my four main reasons why I started working toward CHOOSING a better life!  That's right I decided to TRY SOMETHING NEW! It was a CHOICE!! Something I had no business trying and no prior background knowledge of building or doing!!

I had the dream of a better life where the left over change from my minuscule paycheck could make or break the family's choice of a happy meal or just a burger in a drive thru.  The dream of a better life where I wasn't the girl asking the cashier to put back the items that weren't a necessity come check out time in the grocery store! I dreamed of a life that I didn't have to tell my kids maybe next year for a family vacation!

I CHOSE to step up and create a NEW Life for our family! The kind of life that can only exist when you go all in, TRUST IN GOD, and that determination to TRY SOMETHING NEW!!

In chasing my DREAM of a better life I found my true calling! I now help inspire others to TRY SOMETHING NEW and live in PURPOSE! I am determined to show you a better way to chase your DREAMS, choose a better life, rock a business you love, and try new things until you stumble on your GOD GIVEN PURPOSE!!



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