Greenery Selection Course
Learn how to select a perfect greenery palette everytime
Finally a self paced COURSE that teaches you how to SELECT GREENERY!!

I'm so happy to finally share with you how YOU can choose a perfect greenery palette every time!! My proven method works for selecting a beautiful greenery tapestry for your centerpieces and wreaths!! This technique is exactly how I have designed countless beautiful centerpieces and wreaths using a greenery base and my unique method to greenery selection.
Teresa Johnson
Through the Tulips Designs
Awesome tutorial on selecting greenery for centerpieces and wreaths! The tutorials are full of valuable knowledge on how to design.  I've been designing for 20 years and was able to take away so much from the tutorials.
Lisa Blair
LoneOak Wreath Designs
Liz just finished the greenery course. I loved it!  It really helps. Everyone needs to get it!
Kathy Kirkland
RK Wreaths Wood Crafts & Things
Don't miss out on Liz's Greenery Course. It is very useful. I've been doing arrangements for 30 years and I never knew her techniques before taking this greenery course!
This course covers eveything you need to know about selecting greenery for your creative designs!
Immediate course access to 10 videos on my proven method for selecting greenery with illustrations
Downloadable Greenery Method PDF Chart
Bonus Pre Selected Greenery Palette and much more...
After purchasing this digital product you will be able to view 10 videos  plus receive a bonus greenery color palette.  The series of videos teach you how to effectively select greenery using my proven method with example illustrations..  Check you inbox for IMMEDIATE access to the greenery course after your purchase.  Please message me at if you have any problems accessing this digital product..
"Really enjoyed the greenery course...I never would have tried adding so many different types of greenery in the same piece and it REALLY WORKS! The Hand Method makes it easier to remember. Can't wait for your next course!"
-Heidi Carpentier
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Bless your heart! They are at my fingertips now and I could not be more excited!!! Thank you so much for your tireless effort to help me out and for your patience with me. Also, I love what you do and the way you do it. 
You are truly a natural teacher who can touch on the different learning styles with everyone!! Thanks Liz
Nancy MacDonald